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Waluigi Is Nintendo’s Cult Hero, but Will He Ever Be Something More?

The tall, purple-clad Luigi foil has been a part of the Mushroom Kingdom for two decades, yet he’s never been more than a sideshow. Just don’t tell that to his legions of fans.

This week on林格188金宝博备用,我们托管the Best Video Game Character Bracket—an expansive competition between the greatest heroes, sidekicks, and villains of the gaming world. And along with delving into some of those iconic figures, we’ll also explore and celebrate the gaming industry as a whole. Welcome to Video Game Week.

The first thing to know about Waluigi is that he is, well, odd. He, like his forebearer Luigi, is tall and skinny; unlike Luigi, he istootall andtooskinny, giving the impression that he is perhaps unwell in some way, or at any rate didn’t get quite the right nutrients growing up. The lugubrious effect is heightened by his mustache, which hooks upward at vaguely malevolent angles and which he is fond of twisting between his gloved fingers, a possible symptom of clinical anxiety. Where Mario might offer an affable “Woo-ooh-ooh!”, Waluigi spits out a nasally “Waaaah!” And the nose. I should mention the nose: He has a gigantic pink schnauze that hooks out like a toucan beak. He is weird.

关于Waluigi的第二件事是,他是一个被遗弃的,忽视,随着时间的推移和时间再次传递。而第三件事 - 你看,第三件事是本周,他再次被忽视,错过了一个vaunted的地方林格188金宝博备用’sbest video game character bracket.

Waluigi任天堂是《我们的万神殿内的地位bbly. The Mushroom Kingdom might be thought of as a sort of palatial hierarchy: Mario, Peach, and Bowser atop the thrones; Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi serving valiantly by their sides; the Boos and Chain Chomps of the world looking on from the viewing gallery. But what of the series’ mid-tier creations?

Key to understanding the tenuousness of Waluigi-dom is the fact that Waluigi is not, in fact, a Nintendo creation. Wario, Mario’s longtime purple-and-yellow antagonist, had been around since 1992, but it was not until 2000’s马里奥网球that Luigi got his own foil. That game was developed not by Nintendo but by Camelot Software Planning; Waluigi was created specifically to serve as a doubles partner for Wario. In the words of Camelot president Hiroyuki Takahashi, Waluigi would serve as “a new character players would like to beat。“

But players, it turned out, didn’t want to beat him. He has become a pan-internet obsession—a development that certainly hasn’t been slowed by Waluigi’sForenessforroses. A subreddit named in his honor boasts some 43,000 members, who share photos of Waluigi纹身和swap the latest Waluigi remixes. (Apropos of nothing, the video “Waluigi Wah一小时,” which is precisely what it says it is, prompted my cat to leap to her feet and run out of the room.) In 2019, Nintendo allowed visitors to its website to choose a character to send a Valentine to. Waluigi smoked the competition, drawing不rth of a million voteswhile the real Luigi had barely 200. Even someone at workin the Census Bureaufound time to contribute to his legend.

球迷注视t的哲学内涵he upside-down L on his cap—an inversion of Luigi’s own version just as Wario’s “W” mimics Mario’s “M,” but which also happens to double as an uppercase gamma. “He is doomed to simultaneously suffer as a second class citizen—effectively no better than the anonymous, Epsilon-esque mushroom people—whilst entombed in a mind and body with enough individuality and consciousness to be eternally tortured by such a plight,” reads aparticularly beloved text.

爱Waluigi想要的人更像是Waluigi - 而且具体地,扮演Waluigi的能力。这就是事情变得复杂的地方。

Two decades into his tenure in the Mario world, Waluigi has yet to make an appearance in a coreMariogame, and is confined instead to the spinoffs, like马里奥网球Mario Golf—a particularly sharp affront given that some decidedly non-A-listers (lookin’ at you,蟾蜍) have been given their own stand-alone games. Wario, for his part, is the star of a veritable angry-eyebrow empire.

Sometimes, Waluigi doesn’t even get the spinoff treatment. The gravest insult to the Waluigi faithful came in 2018, whenSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate拒绝使Waluigi成为可玩的角色,即使是马里奥宇宙中的其他小星星都是。这没有很好地收到。样本标题,礼貌The Washington Post:“Waluigi was robbed and humiliated by Nintendo, and his fans are furious。“

上周带来了任天堂战争的最新街waah, when the company introduced the latest edition ofMario Golf—in whose promo Waluigi appears for单一的瞬间第二. (He was戴着edodora.,无论好坏。)唯一的侮辱Waluigi:新闻打破了他将缺席Super Mario Bros.anniversary feature in保护动物, even as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario—freakin’ Wario—areset to be featured.

Unsurprisingly, the subreddit is a place where Waluigi’s failure to advance in the Mario ecosystem is obsessed over. Posts are riddled with vaguely conspiratorial comments about Masahiro Sakurai, the longtime director of theSuper Smash Bros.franchise, whom Redditors broadly accuse of blacklisting Waluigi. One particularly devoted member, u/Waluigification, has launched a one-man crusade: Over the course of the last month, they have beenrecreating everySmash角色称为waluigi, as either a protest or a hope for the future. Others have suggested that the anti-Waluigi conspiracy might run so deep that even his clothing is designed tolookcheap.

There is hope, maybe, to be found in Princess Daisy, the Mario franchise’s brunette, yellow-ballgowned, much-less-known answer to Peach. Like Waluigi, Daisy was once seen by her own fans as having been forgotten by Nintendo, but seems to have been elevated in recent years: She, for one, was fully playable inSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate. And this month, a Waluigi sleuth发现waluigi.com已停止向任天堂的网站转发—a development thatcouldhint at greater plans for the gangly villain. (As of this week, it once again forwards to Nintendo’s website.)

But as for Waluigi’s latest erasure, his cruel exemption from林格188金宝博备用’s character bracket? All I can say is this:Waah遗憾的是错误。

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