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Let’s Hope the New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Is Half As Good-Bad As the Old ‘Mortal Kombat’

在本周末,在超超基金重新启动HBO Max和剧院之前,重新审视1995年的“经典”

Scott Laven/华纳兄弟。

“Trust me, I got a plan,” the conceited action-flick star Johnny Cage announces to his pals Liu Kang (dour hero), Sonya Blade (angry cop), and Raiden (god of lightning and protector of the realm of Earth), and not to spoil any element of the classic 1995 video-game-movie spectacular凡人kombat但是,Johnny Cage的计划,正如在稍后执行的两个场景一样,是为了做拆分,然后在螺母中进行拆分,然后是国外海外航空公司和水王子王子的四武理。然后逃跑了。这是计划。我们正在延长这个词的定义plan在这里,但也是,也是如此经典的spectacular。这是为了您的参考,是Goro。

Screenshots via New Line Cinema


计划工作,顺便说一句。为扰流板再次道歉。戈罗在他的四只手中只有两只手中的痛苦瘫痪,这是一个错过的漫画机会。凡人kombat并指导不是那个保罗安德森和忠诚的(?!)改编血腥的1992年街机游戏,不会错过漫画或博弈的机会 - 至少raiden(克里斯托弗兰伯特)没有。(I will not name any of this film’s other actors for their own protection.) “The fate of billions will depend on you,” he informs our dour-angry-conceited heroes, having explained that they’ll face something vastly more important than ego, their enemy, or revenge whilst undertaking this sacred mission to defend the realm of Earth in a tournament called Mortal Kombat. Then he attempts a sinister laugh: “Ha ha ha ha.” Comic beat. “Sorry.” Best Actor at the 1996 Oscars went to Nicolas Cage forLeaving Las Vegas。兰伯特被抢劫了。

星期五,HBO Max和少数电影院仍然将重新启动凡人kombat那directed by Simon McQuoid. It’s an attempt at a gritty rebirth for a series abandoned, at least cinematically, after the anguished punch in the nuts that was 1997’s risible凡人kombat: Annihilation。(更换raiden.was a huge downgrade, as was virtually everyone and everything else.) The big whoop with this new movieis that it’s got a gnarly red-band trailer and, per a recent种类文章那a mandate to push its hard-R rating to the bleeding edge of NC-17 via its depictions of the fighting game’s infamously brutal fatalities. “Yeah, they’re pretty gruesome,” enthused Lewis Tan, who stars as Cole Young, an MMA fighter not featured in any of the games, which is always a good sign. “I accidentally walked into a post-fatality set and I felt pretty sick to my stomach. [Laughs。] I was like, ‘What the hell is this? What happened here?’ It looked like somebody destroyed a buffet line, but there was no food.”

这个网站采用的一些镰刀将受到这种超血腥的发展令人兴奋的兴趣,但我不在其中。当然,视频游戏系列在2019年强调没有被遗弃,我扮演了新的凡人kombat 11.几个星期几个星期几出了我的所有超血腥死亡deleted the whole game from my Xbox试图清理我的灵魂。(它不起作用。)我的恐惧,用这个新的凡人kombatflick, is that it will take the games’ ever-ascending commitment to mega-gnarliness far too seriously and will take itself far too seriously in general. My goal here today is to convince you to just rewatch the ’95凡人kombatinstead. My argument is that every line of dialogue that pops out of Shang Tsung’s mouth is dumb as hell in the raddest possible way. (All right, I’ll name one more actor: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, as Shang Tsung, was robbed of an Oscar, also.) My request to you is that you remember that I didn’t light this movie.

当然,尚敬是一个邪恶的巫师,他们已经抓住了对海域的控制,现在举办了他自己的私人岛屿,这是一个发达的凡人Kombat锦标赛,这是他最终计划的关键阶段 - 什么我甚至在这里做。你要么知道那个比我更好的情节,要么你不给鸣声。各种各样的战士在一个私人岛屿上互相击中Bejesus,而1990年代-ass-ass edm blares。你去了。尚敬人是坏人,这就是说灵魂的奴隶主,因为他渴望提醒你。

是的,确实是第一个凡人kombat—directed by, OK, Paul W.S. Anderson, who went on to doEvent Horizon(从不看那个)和一堆Resident Evil电影,他很酷,对不起,是'90年代视频游戏电影的迷你繁荣的皇冠宝石,这仍然鼓舞人心thoughtful conversationto this day.'90年代视频游戏电影的皇冠宝石is a low bar to clear, perhaps: You clear this bar if you’re still above ground, basically. The 1994街头霸王movie sucked, for example, despite a cast that included Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, and Kylie Minogue; I refuse to even compose a full sentence about 1993’s超级马里奥兄弟凡人kombat是一部永远不会称自己为“电影”的电影,并且知道从开放秒开始涂上哪一面的面包,这就是听到亲爱的大喊“凡人kombat”的家伙yell“mortal Kombat!”在屏幕上甚至新的线路电影徽标才出现。

什么犯罪的犯罪是一场挑衅性的木工作用,令人愉快的过度的套装设计,令人窒息的照明,在中酷的武术实力之间的鞭打(Johnny Cage和蝎子互相踢掉垃圾的鞭打,那么令人窒息的灯光)和肆意(Johnny Cage展示他的体操技能在即兴的Outworld高酒吧中间战斗)。复古CGI从一瞬间疯狂地真空摇摆不定。(这kunai.从蝎子的手中出现:是的。从raiden的手中出现的电力螺栓:不。我所说的是,这部电影理解它在围绕着航界的“克服了!”我所说的是,这是(并希望遗留!)一个第一个投票十几岁的男孩睡眠电影名人堂。我所说的是,克拉文IP开发只是命中不同in 1995, back when I, at least, didn’t know what IP was at all.

在过去的四分之一世纪发布的大约10,000名愚蠢的B-Phople试图复制凡人kombat精确的如此糟糕 - 这是一个好的光环,但是制造一个不错的电影更难成为一个实际好电影。就在这一秒的第二个,如果你如此渴望,你可以观看2021的前七分钟凡人kombat,在17世纪的日本发生,特点:

  1. A more compelling backstory than the central characters Sub-Zero and Scorpion have ever cinematically received, which is truly not necessary since they’re video game characters wearing the exact same outfit (in blue and yellow, respectively) because who really has the time to come up with a new costume for every character, and
  2. 更多的刺激血液和骨髓嘎吱嘎吱的巨大巨大的电影,这使得2021电影SEGA创世纪凡人kombat港口到1995年电影的超级任天堂凡人kombatport, if that means anything to you, which if not, forget about it, and
  3. 一个原始故事他妈的kunai本身,对于要求这一点,最后,我将承认这一点,
  4. 方式更好的照明。

In short, this new movie aspires to be an actual movie, but this is not what I want from a凡人kombat电影:不是悲剧的过去,而不是相干的电影摄影,当然不是被摧毁的自助餐表,很久以前让视频游戏自己几乎无法播放,因为我自己的精致灵魂。这部新电影将使更新的视频游戏更加勇敢,但在其非常愿望的声望中,是旧电影的背叛。在星期五,我会开火HBO Max并感受到一个真正的刺激,在我永久的17岁的attom中,第一次悲惨的背岩蝎子大喊“克服这里”。我只是希望我能忍受休息。

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